2017 X-Series Schedule/Payout | 2017 X-Series Entry Forms

Thank you for your decision to join and fish The 2017 X-Series bass tournament circuit! We are looking forward to having your team on board this year.

From this page, you can select and register for any number of tournaments that you want to fish in 2017. There are FIVE regular season qualifying tournaments. You can see the date of each event, ramp location, and weather information on the schedule page.

You MUST send your $50 membership fee along with your entry form, prior to the first 2017 event. Signed team forms (with alternate specified) must be on file with George! *Membership fees included in the 5-event deposit below >>>

The X-Series Team Membership helps us to maintain equipment and cover expenses throughout the season. You can click here to print out the entry form, or you will be directed to the entry form upon your successful payment.

* X-Series Membership

The X-Series REQUIRES a signed copy of your team entry form (alternate team member must be confirmed prior to first event) on file with George.


Individual X-Series Event Entry

You will be able to add, remove, and finalize your lake selections prior to checkout.

Select Tournament

Select your event(s). Teams must have their entry forms and money in by the MONDAY PRIOR to the selected tournament date(s). Late registration and entries taken at the ramp will incur an additional $20 fee.

NOTE: EACH EVENT is $237.00 and the Championship is $407.00
 The $7.00 administration fees cover all costs associated with your online entry


LOCK IN YOUR TEAM for the 2017 Season!

To lock in your team for ALL 2017 X-Series season events and send in your entry fees for ALL FIVE qualifiers, please click the Pay Now button. The entry fee balance remaining for each event is due on the MONDAY PRIOR to each event date.

The 2017 X-Series Qualifiers
$50 Membership is INCLUDED

See you on the water in 2017!